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15 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant Hire a Virtual Assistant

  1. Becoming Overwhelmed:

    You are just overwhelmed and have too much to do. Hire a VA to take some of that load. It’s what we’re here for!

  2. Getting Frustrated with Your Work: 

    Just not enjoying it anymore? Take a break and let someone else do it! Sometimes a short break is all you need to start loving your job again.

  3. Being in a Rut: 

    Feeling like you aren’t doing anything new and exciting? Tired of turning out the same old stuff? By bringing in someone else, you can focus on getting creative without seeing a dip in content or interaction.

  4. Too little Time for Work Tasks: 

    Let’s face it, there are things you just have to do for your business. Are these important tasks falling by the wayside while you’re trying to interact, create more content, or updating your website? Hiring someone to do the extra things will let you focus on things that need to get done.

  5. Ignoring Core Tasks:

    Core tasks are those important things that are essential to running your business. So much so that your business cannot operate without them. And yet, they all too often get ignored for more pressing, but less important matters. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to take care of those other things allows you to focus on what needs to actually get done.

  6. Growth: 

    This is possibly the best reason ever. You’re growing! You’ve seen an explosion of growth and just can’t keep up with everything. Bring in someone to help!

  7. Strengthening a Weak Area: 

    Love blogging, but can’t get a share on Facebook? Have an awesome Facebook page, but need more content? We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Getting someone to fill in your weak spots will guarantee positive growth!

  8. Getting Time Back:

    It’s great to love your job! Even better if you can do it full-time! But full-time does not mean all the time. If work is taking over your whole life, bring in a virtual assistant. Give them tasks that you don’t absolutely have to do and get time to spend NOT working.

  9. Not Wanting to Hire an In-Person Assistant:

    There are definitely perks to having an employee to help you, but there is a LOT that goes into it as well. Hiring someone to be around helping can cost a lot. Schedules must align, not to mention you have to hire someone you know is reliable. They have to have their own space to work in as well. That means more money to give them that space. By hiring someone virtually, all you pay for is their work. No one gets in your way and it costs way less.

  10. Wanting Help but Can’t Afford to Hire Someone Full Time:

    Okay, so you’ve decided you do need help! Great first step! But once their tasks are done, are they just twiddling their thumbs? You don’t always need someone full-time. Just for a project here or there. Maybe a month or two while you have something else going on. Virtual Assistants are freelance workers. They specifically work for a specific period of time and that is it. It’s another way to save money as well!

  11. 24/7 Availability:

    You can keep your business running 24/7 by hiring VAs. Virtual Assistants live and work all around the globe. Hire a person or two in different time zones to cover tasks no matter when they pop up.

  12. Up Your Productivity:

    Sometimes you have a million ideas, and you’re good at getting them done, but could it be more efficient? By bringing someone else on, you can literally double your output in the same amount of time.

  13. They know what it’s like:

    Virtual Assistants are business owners too! We know what it takes to run a business. VAs know how things can get crazy and then have a month with absolutely nothing happening. We get it. So, we also know what it takes to help you be successful in your business.

  14. They know what they are doing:

    Virtual assistants usually specialize in something. Most can do it all, but they still have their niche. That means they’ve done it a gazillion times. What task do you need doing? Find a VA that specializes in that and you can rest assured it is in good hands.

  15. VAs are unbiased: 

    An employee who counts on you for their total income is obviously not going to want to do anything that might jeopardize their position. Let’s hope your employees are all good people and truthful, but they might sugar coat things all the same. When you hire a VA, they’ll tell you how it is. Sure, they need work, but they have other clients as well. So if you want an honest or even blunt opinion, have a VA tell you how it is!


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