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Turn Your Home into A Movie Theatre

The PRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector is Easy to Use

PRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector

I don’t normally do reviews on this site, but this is relevant, I promise. Though it is primarily being used for family movies nights, this Pravette Mini Portable Projector is small, lightweight, and powerful. It would be an excellent addition for anyone in business to do presentations, displays and more. As a business tool, this can easily be brought along and set up in no time. It offers outstanding quality to whatever you need to show off. And you have a multitude of media connection options to display off of your tv, laptop, or even an SD card or USB drive.
The Size and ConnectionsPRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector

This projector comes in at 7x6x3 inches and only 2.4 pounds. After using a much older projector for a number of years, this is so much easier to set up and move around. It includes HDMI, SD card, USB port, 3.5mm headphone, AV input port, and VGA ports to present a 1080 display. You can also load up an SD card or USB drive and plug it in. It is important to note that it does have a built-in speaker but you can run audio out to an external speaker for better quality sound.

Hooking it up

PRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector

I simply hooked up my laptop and ran some movies on Netflix to test it and it is very fun. My kids love turning the wall into a movie theatre with the Pravette mini portable projector. The lens features a manually adjustable focus and tilt-shift to compensate for and angle adjustments. You can project on up to a 120″ screen size. The picture is easy to get nice a crisp.

Lights and Sound

The LED lamp is bright, but will not compete with lamps or any light source too nearby. You definetely need a dark area to project in. I’m hoping to get a decent soundbar to hook up with it for a great sound experience, though the built-in speaker works for now.

PRAVETTE Mini Portable ProjectorCompatability

You can connect it directly to your home theater system and it works with any compatible TV, notebook, gaming console, DVD player or home computer. The Pravette Mini Portable Projector has Native Resolution 800 x 480, support 720p & 1080p, ±20°keystone with Manual Focus Lens.1200:1 contrast ratio, 16::9 aspect ratio, 50-100 inches big screen display at the distance of 3ft-16ft. Supported projection methods include: Front, Rear and Ceiling mount(Single stand mount).

Remote ControlPRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector

This also come with a standard AV cable, a small adjustable foot, and a remote control. You have the option to mount the projector from the ceiling so the remote is great for adjustments while it’s out of reach or while giving a presentation. Note that it’ won’t control your presentation from a laptop or anything but setting it up will be easier.

Final Thoughts

This is a great little and lightweight system. It has all 5-star reviews on Amazon currently, and it’s easy to see why. It sets up in about 2 minutes, has a great picture, has pretty much zero learning curve, and is truly lightweight and portable. This would be easy to set up just about anywhere. I am very happy with our new little Pravette Mini Portable Projector!


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. All views are entirely my own and not influenced by the developing company and/or affiliates in any way.

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