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Put the Wow Back Into Learning and Make Math Fun

ZapZapMath Makes Learning Math Fun Again

Both of my school-age boys do alright with math. My 4th grader tolerates it okay but understanding it can be difficult with the new concepts of fractions and such he is learning now. My Kindergartener LOVES math. He already does simple multiplication and has no problem with addition and subtraction. But he always wants more. So when we got the ZapZapMath apps I knew this was an opportunity to help my oldest work on the concepts that were troubling him in a fun way. My middle son could have all the fun he wants playing math games and I could get my youngest started on the most simple of concepts. With apps focused on grades K-6 plus flashcards, fractions calculator, and premium games, ZapZapMath really makes math fun again.

Math Fun

Cute and Engaging

Math Fun

As an adult, I love that all the apps are connected to a single parent account. I can set up a profile for each of my children and all the profiles will show up in any app once we sign in. Kids get to pick their avatar and their adventurer. Both are cute little alien creatures that are slightly minion shaped.  The environments are bright and cartoony but have a surprising amount of depth. Each section has their avatar or adventurer engaging with the environment with cute animations. This makes the app very interactive with every choice and question answered. After completing his first level my kindergartener literally just said, “WOW!”

Friendly Competition

Math Fun

Once you hit the play button in any app you come to a screen with all of the profiles. Each profile has its own stats with stars and coins earned. This provides a bit of friendly competition between my kids. They understand that each is on their own learning level but they can see who earns more by playing more. In the grade learning apps, the kids also get their own apartment for their avatar that they can decorate. They use the coins they earn completing levels to go to the coin machine and receive a random decoration. This may seem a bit disappointing that they can’t pick from a shop, but they love the random surprize of which decor they receive. This is why those random surprise bags and eggs are so popular with kids.

Fun Math Learning

Math Fun

Fractions are fairly new to my 4th grader. Since school just started they really have not started on them yet, but that was the one thing he really wanted to work on. For his first fractions level in the 4th-grade app, I was able to sit with him and start explaining how to add the fractions together, even with different denominators. Pretty soon he caught on and was zip zapping through the rest of the level himself. He wasn’t perfect, but when he got a question wrong he gets to try again. When he then chooses the correct answer he better understands why.

I’m actually going to get my kindergartener started on the 1st-grade app as he’s finding the kindergarten app a bit too easy at this point. But this leaves the kindergarten app for my 3.5-year-old. But if he wants to go back and do the kindergarten app, no problem. Just switch over to his profile and it’s ready to pick up where he left off.

Quality Screen Time

Math Fun

As fun as Minecraft, Roblox, and even Fortnite can be I love that these apps are so fun that my kids set aside time on those games to play these. My oldest said after completing his first level, “Wow, this really is fun. I like it!” Anything that makes math fun, or any learning, gets a thumbs up in my book. I also love that you can get started for free and play the basic level in each app. This is great for deciding if your child will like it and use it. If they do then it only costs $19.99 for an entire year of access to every single app. This was outstanding for me with 3 kids.

The premium accounts also include the extra games like a treasure hunt, and the fractions learning videos and fraction calculator and decimal converter to help out my 4th grader. The multiplication flashcards app has been great for the older two. Having instant recall of your multiplication tables has been proven to be beneficial in all other areas of learning.  Heck, these have even helped me brush up on my math skills. I am expected, after all, to help with homework if needed.

Here’s Your Chance

Math Fun

If these apps sound as great to you as they have been for me and my kids, this is your chance to try them out. ZapZapMath has partnered with Just Like Mom to give away not 1, but 10 premium accounts, for my readers. This gets you a full year of access to all 10 apps with over 180 games that make math fun. With 10 winners, there is no reason to not enter. Let me know down below how many kids you have and how they like math. How can you use these apps to get them excited about math again? I know my kids love them and have been playing them just about every day. Then click the link below to go to the giveaway and get yourself entered for a chance to win one of the premium accounts!


Zapping into Math

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