Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Public Speaking

Tips for Kids about Speaking in Front of People

I have been a professional actor for the last 14 years. I was employed by a school district to coach kids in public speaking, debating, and performance. The thing I found the most interesting, is that kids need to give presentations in classes all the way back in elementary school, but we don’t often require a public speaking class until college. This article helps any school age child to overcome their fear of speaking in front of others. This is a valuable life skill that should be learned much earlier in life. It is full of tips and trick to help parents work with their children to gain confidence, and feel their best about any situation that requires public speaking.

This is a semi-exclusive article. There will only be 5 copies sold. It contains almost 1000 words. This article will pass copyscape. It also passes Yoast with a green light, as well as Grammarly.

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